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Post by: / October 17, 2018

Are Your Muscles Stuck? Fascial Stretch Therapy 101

What, Why, and How You Can Benefit from FST When Starting or Continuing Your Fitness and Health Regimen

You may have heard about Fascial Stretch Therapy, or FST, and no, it is not stretching of the face. Or, perhaps you have been looking to add another tool to your toolbox when it comes to getting your body to its optimal functionality. If you feel like your body is not moving efficiently or you hold onto tension and stress, then you should consider FST. What is FST?
Primarily made of collagen, your fascia is a web of connective tissue that surrounds, stabilizes, attaches, and separates muscles. Fascias can get tight and hard, causing your muscles to move less freely. As you can imagine, this will limit your range of motion, which in turn causes decreased performance, and higher risk of injury. Nobody likes to feel restricted!
The fascial network is an interwoven mesh-like substance that attaches the muscles of the entire body. Having one large web connecting the whole body can explain why you may have pain in a part of your body when the tightness or hardening is coming from another area. There are many fascial lines that run in all different directions, and a tight and painful shoulder could be a result of fascial issues at the opposite hip.
Your muscles should glide smoothly like two sheets of paper with soap in between—not glue. As you age, recover from injuries, undergo stress, and so on, your fascia will tighten and harden if you do not keep it lubricated. This is where FST can come into play, and make a big difference in your fascial capabilities.
10 Benefits of FST Include:
1. Opening up of tight joint capsules
2. Lubrication of the fascia
3. Mental clarity
4. Stress relief
5. Increased range of motion
6. Improved breathing patterns
7. Better sleep
8. Activation of muscles
9. Injury prevention / rehabilitation
10. Preparation for exercise
As an FST client, you will leave the table feeling lighter. A majority of the session will have you lying on a massage table. The therapist moves your body into different positions to create a deep stretching sensation as you focus on deep breathing while contracting or relaxing muscles when instructed.
If you’re interested in Fascial Stretch Therapy, please contact us to find out more or to book an appointment.