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Post by: / May 31, 2018

Totum In Action

Chuck Magwood: Father, Grandfather, Farmer, Winemaker—and More.

Chuck is literally client #1 at Totum. Back in the early 90s, Chuck decided he needed some structure to his workouts in order to get the most out of the rest of his life. Wow, has he ever walked the walk! Chuck’s commitment to his own fitness and health have allowed him, at 75 years old, to continue doing everything that he has always done, and more. Below are a couple of examples of both.
Chuck has been a ski racer his whole life, and that continues, as you can see by his recent success this past season. He is pictured with his son Jeff and grandson Gavin who all won their age groups in their club’s championships.

The next two pictures are related to something Chuck picked up several years ago. He makes his own maple syrup by hand, the old-fashioned way. This goes along with wine, vegetables, apples, cider….Well, you get the point.

All of these pursuits take an incredible amount of strength and stamina at any age. They also stimulate his brain and, just as importantly, nourish his soul. They are true passions for Chuck, and they feed him in so many different ways.

Years ago Chuck made a commitment to the right type of approach to health and fitness. He credits Totum with “Enabling me to have the level of fitness necessary to live the life I choose.” Chuck is a living example of the payoff!




Chuck enjoying the sap right out of the tree. If you haven’t tried it, you must!