Youth Performance: Testimonials

We think Totum’s Youth Performance program is the best in the city—but you don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what clients who have participated have to say!

Angie & Michael, parents – competitive soccer
“Our daughter thoroughly enjoys her training sessions with Sam! We’ve seen marked improvement in her performance during the time she’s spent working with the plan designed by Sam, which takes into account her sport, injury prevention, and identifies areas that needed bolstering, such as range of motion. Sam’s positivity and understanding of elite athlete performance make her an excellent choice as a trainer. The facilities were great, and the staff at Totum are friendly and responsive. I’d recommend Sam to anybody who asked!”

Anastasia, young athlete – competitive soccer, goalkeeper
“Working at Totum with Sam has been an amazing learning—and exercising—experience. With Sam, I’ve learned that, when doing a proper push up, while you go down, your elbows need to go backwards instead of towards the side. I’ve learned how to do a squat, a hip hinge, a dead lift, and a lot more. While doing sessions at Totum with Sam, she made the exercises, and learning how to do the exercises, a lot of fun. When we are learning new exercises, Sam explains why we should do this exercise, and how it could affect our game. Sam is an awesome person and fitness coach to work with!”

Jacqueline C., parent – competitive soccer, alpine athletics
“Our daughter Hailey has participated in 18 months of training with Sam in the High Performance Youth Training Academy at Totum. She absolutely loves it! She adores Sam, and genuinely looks forward to every training session with her soccer friends. Equally important, she has learned invaluable skills in functional movement; pull-ups, squats, lunges, deadlifts, dynamic lateral strides, stretching and ab work are just some of the movements they cover. She has learned important strength training techniques that will carry her through years of competitive sport, and will help her to avoid injury. For Hailey, a side effect that we didn’t expect was a marked improvement in her ski racing performance. She went from being in the middle of the pack to winning most of her races in Collingwood last year—some by eight seconds over the 2nd place finisher!!! I can’t more highly recommend this program for athletes of all levels who want to become stronger, learn proper strength training movements and protect against injury in repetitive sport.”

Jennifer, parent – competitive soccer
“My daughter has been training with Samantha at the Youth Training Academy for over a year. There is no question that she has gotten stronger in every way, and her soccer game has improved. I appreciate the small group sessions, which allow the girls to learn how to use the equipment properly, and to develop the good form that is so important in order to avoid injury. I would highly recommend this program if your athlete is interested in improving their strength, agility and overall performance.”

Karen C., parent – synchronized swimming
“It is a privilege and an honour to be able to write a testimonial for Totum Life Sciences and the Youth Training Academy. My daughter, Alianna and her team trained at Totum as a first year National Synchronized Swimming Team and the results were amazing. The training program had many different elements and the benefits were body strength, stamina, endurance, better posture and balance, self-image and the most important was injury prevention.
“Alianna’s team trained in the pool five days per week, and one day at Totum. Totum was able to prevent and resolve any potential injuries with their program, and provided guidance on exercises for each individual, as well as physiotherapy care to each girl, if needed. This format was an added benefit, as they are a synchronized swimming team, and to be successful, all eight of them need to be healthy and fit! Thank you to the entire team at Totum for the amazing program.”

Jennifer, parent – competitive soccer
“My daughter has been training with Sam at the Youth Training Academy for three years. There is no question that she has become stronger in every way, and her soccer game has improved. I appreciate the small-group sessions that allow the girls to learn how to use the equipment properly and to develop good form, which is so important in order to avoid injury. I would highly recommend this program if your athlete is interested in improving their strength, agility and overall performance.”

Shonagh, parent – multi-sport & competitive skiing
“After being part of the Totum Youth Training Academy for the past year, my daughter is faster, stronger and more powerful than ever before. This program is helping her reach her athletic potential as a ski racer, cyclist, triathlete, martial artist and member of many school teams. She is learning how to train properly and how to protect her body from injury. She is able to measure her progress by logging her data at each session. Reports at the conclusion of a multi-week training block help her see her successes and areas for improvement. We appreciate the personalized attention and individualized training plan.
“My daughter looks forward to her weekly sessions, which are challenging, yet fun. Her younger brother has just joined the program and can’t wait until his next class. Thank you Sam and Totum for an amazing opportunity!”

Leahann, parent of Isla – Highland dancing & competitive soccer
“We are so pleased with Isla’s progress in Totum’s Youth Academy. The discipline involved with strengthening and form is proving beneficial in both her confidence and her work ethic (on the soccer field and in Highland dancing). Sam’s natural ability to engage, educate and support results in an enjoyable experience every week.”

Kathy, parent of Audrey – multi-sport athletics
“It was important to us that Audrey learn proper technique in the gym, and how to protect herself from injury. Not only has she enhanced her strength and mobility and gained valuable knowledge of physical literacy, but most importantly, she feels empowered by her strength. She has newfound confidence in her ability to test her power and endurance. This in turn led to new friendships, which made the transition so easy. A win–win. Audrey returns from each Totum session singing high praise for Sam and her time with the girls. The small groups are best, in that participants have the support of their teammates yet the programs are designed and tailored for each individual athlete. They are tracking their own performance and results, and are challenged and encouraged to progress weekly. We look forward to continued success with her Totum program.”

Brooke, parent – competitive soccer & swimming
“My daughter has been with Totum Youth Training for a little more than a year now. In that time I have seen her grow so much faster and stronger. She’s played soccer for about seven years, five of them competitively. She has never been the fastest kid out there, and she had started playing goal for a bit, and her throws were not the best. Since adding Totum to her routine of 3–4 soccer sessions a week I have seen her get much faster and noticed her overhand throws were going much further. It hasn’t just been soccer that I have seen an improvement in; swimming was another big one for her. She went from one lap on a relay team in grade 5 to three laps, including an individual stroke, and winning a few first and second places in grade six on her school swim team.
“On top of the physical benefits, I’ve noticed more confidence in my daughter. She seems to be surer of her movements on the field, and in general. There’s a pride that comes along with knowing you are strong and healthy, and Totum definitely helped give her that. I love that she has this opportunity for the best start in life, getting the basis of physical fitness now, so she can maintain that health outlook and lifestyle into adulthood.”

*Some testimonials have been edited for length.