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Totum has been providing downtown Toronto’s best personal training services for over 20 years. We differentiate ourselves through our dedication to professionalism, service and client-specific training knowledge. We choose to be leaders by setting standards, not following them. Our team of personal trainers collectively has hundreds of years of experience. As a group, we possess doctorates, master’s degrees, and the most advanced certifications our industry has available. All of this exists within a collaborative, team-oriented and positive environment designed around you, the client.

Fitness to help you perform for your life

Information is power!

Every body moves differently and so a ‘one program fits all’ approach will never be as successful as a bespoke approach. Along with some baseline measures of fitness — such as strength, mobility, and cardiovascular health — your initial assessment will develop an understanding of how your body moves, and if there are imbalances that need to be addressed. This is the quality of how your body moves. Professional athletes have imbalances that they continually work on so it’s not surprising that us lay people also have them.

Without a clear understanding of where your imbalances lie, you are at risk of developing an injury if you participate in an exercise that does not work for your current status. Reducing these imbalances through a proper approach to your training will keep injury risk low, and the quality of your training high.

Amazing workouts tailored to you

Variety and Specializations

We are proud to say that our team of personal trainers is the best in Toronto. The great thing about the individuals in our group is that they all have passions that take them in unique directions as they specialize in different areas throughout their careers. This allows us to provide a wide variety of exceptional services under one roof.

  • Sport specific (golf, tennis, running, cycling, hockey and many more)
  • Return to regular activities after an injury
  • General fitness including fat loss
  • Youth fitness

Pain-free movement for your activities