King St. Renovations - Totum

Post by: / March 6, 2019

King St. Renovations

As part of the ongoing renovations of our King Street facility, we are excited to announce that the new men’s locker room is complete, which brings us to the end of phase 1. It looks amazing! We have brand new beautiful wooden lockers (seriously—they are gorgeous), modern tiles, and a luxury infrared sauna. But, sadly, the men will have to wait to see what it looks like, because the women have moved in while their locker room is being renovated. Sorry guys. Ladies, you’re welcome!
Current updates:
1) Women will move into the new men’s locker room. Men will stay in their current locker room until the renovations to the women’s locker room are completed.
2) Construction has begun on the new lounge and reception area. We are really looking forward to opening up this space!
Thank you again for your support through this process. The new space is really coming together! We hope you are as excited as we are for the wonderful changes coming to the Totum King St. West club.