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Totum Clinic Re-Opening

We are so excited to let you know that our clinic services will be open for in-person sessions as of Monday, June 1st!

This has been a long journey for all of us, but the return of in-person services is an amazing sign that we are on the right track. A big debt of gratitude is owed to all the front line workers who have helped us as a society. To those who have been directly affected by this virus, we send you strength and love.

Safety for you and our team is critically important. We have taken many precautions to help keep everyone safe when you come in.

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We feel extremely fortunate that Totum was never built to provide a “mass” model of health care and this should be a significant advantage to our business as we proceed carefully toward the opening. We have many friends in the West that are currently opening their clinics operating in a similar way. We are in regular connection with these experts to find the best and safest path forward for our team and our clients.

Tim and Stacy Irvine and the Totum Family

Physical Distancing Protocols

  • Physical distancing signage and policies in place to keep all of us safe.
  • Reduced capacity in waiting rooms along with outside waiting areas (one person in waiting area only).
  • Staggered appointment times to reduce the number of people in common areas.
  • Plexiglass barriers at reception.

Cleaning Protocols

Totum facilities will undergo a deep clean prior to re-opening.
  • Hand sanitization provided and required before and after sessions.
  • Use of hospital grade disinfectant and cleaning products.
  • Regular and repeated cleaning of high touch surfaces.
  • ‘Fresh Start’ protocol for each treatment room. This includes cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces within a treatment room.
  • Disinfectant wipes and sanitizer will be available throughout the facilities.
  • Our team-oriented approach is to be constantly cleaning in order to make the spaces as safe as possible.

What To Expect At Your Appointment

  • All clients will be asked to put on a mask when entering the facility. Please come with your own.
  • The Totum team will be wearing protective equipment such as masks and eye protection.
  • Please wear loose clothing that is conducive to various treatment styles.
  • We will have a QR code posted on our doors each day which can be used to check-in through your Totum booking app. This notifies us of your arrival if you need to wait outside.
  • Our inside waiting areas will be limited as noted below. Outside waiting is available at all locations.
    • Roxborough – 1 person
    • King St. – 3 people
    • Medisys – 2 people
  • You will be asked to sanitize your hands soon as you enter the space. Hand sanitization will occur again when you are finished your appointment.
  • Your clinician will come to get you when they are ready for you.
  • There may be separate entrances and exits depending on the facility you visit.
  • Contactless booking/payment (no cards or interactions with the front desk team where possible).
  • Please attend your session alone as no additional visitors will be allowed unless absolutely necessary. Any necessary, additional visitors will need to be screened.
  • **Please note, we are required to screen for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 at the time of booking, the day of your appointment, and at the start of your appointment by your practitioner. The day of appointment screen will arrive in your inbox 2-3 hours before your appointment and must be completed in order for your appointment to go ahead. If you have symptoms please contact us and we will re-book your appointment.