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Muscle Conditioning

Athletic Agility: Experience the dynamic conditioning associated with court and field sports to develop faster reaction time, better balance, speed, agility and quickness. This is a fun and different way of getting a great workout and it will transfer to your weekend sports. Please note that there is a chance for some physical contact.

Build & Burn: It’s bootcamp with a twist! Using weights, resistance bands and sliders, you’ll squat, lunge and jump your way to a strong and toned physique. Each class will finish with an ab burnout so get ready to work!

Definition: In 45 minutes you will find the underdeveloped muscles which you never knew you had. Lighter weights are used for this class which focuses on form, injury prevention, and exercises that put your heart rate into the fat burning zone.

Dynamic Conditioning: High volume with a variety of different tempos and patterns / planes of movement. This class will challenge your body to move under control while targeting different muscle groups and breaking a sweat.

Muscle Conditioning Circuit: An intense muscular endurance workout focusing on light resistance and high reps using bands, body weight and dumbbells plus cardiovascular conditioning intervals and/or agility. All fitness levels welcome.

Overhaul: This circuit class alternates strength training drills with cardio training drills. These times circuits are sure to challenge all skill levels and give your body an excellent overhaul workout.

Total Body Bootcamp: Work your entire body from head to toe with this high-energy class that targets every major muscle group while pushing you to the limit!

Totum Fitness Express: 30-minute class focusing full body muscular endurance.

The Workout: Join a Totum Life Science personal trainer for a full body group workout.


Is this class right for you?

For help choosing the right classes for your fitness level and goals please speak with your personal trainer or a lifestyle coach.

Book your complimentary lifestyle consultation with a lifestyle coach by contacting the front desk at / 416-979-2449.

If you have an injury or pain first consult with your Totum Life Science chiropractor or Physiotherapist to determine which classes are appropriate for you.

For optimal results, plan to stay for the entire class. To minimize interruptions to the flow of the class, kindly arrive on time and stay for the full duration of the class. Certain classes have a specific 45-minute leaving options (e.g. Yoga and Cycling).


Important Information

Class participants: Please sign up in advance and arrive on time or early for all classes. Entry to classes is cut off 5 minutes after the scheduled start time. This is to avoid disrupting the flow of the class and to ensure your safety with a proper warm up and safe progression.

Once the class has begun if you are not present your spot may be given to a member on the waiting list, in order. If you are on the waiting list please do not enter the class until the instructor takes attendance and allows you into the class. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.