Why Totum?

For Your Information

Regularly I scratch my head thinking about our industry and the intense competition that exists between entities that are truly black and white in what they offer. Imagine just going out to buy a car and not really knowing that the Ford Focus is very different than the Mercedes. Of course you would purchase based on price because you would not understand where the differences lie.

I’m not suggesting we are Mercedes, but I also know we are not a Ford Focus. What I do know is our industry and where we sit within it. For those of you who aren’t aware, Totum has one of the best reputations from industry professionals within Toronto. There are also a pretty large group of clients that are in the 10 year plus club who would agree with this assessment. This has come from a lot of hard work, amazing team members and what I would call a relentless focus on being better. For good and bad, that’s the way we are and the way we always will be.

So if you are looking at our site for the first time, or you are returning for the 50th, you now know you are reading about a place where the benefits of our approach truly are passed along to members and clients on a daily basis. A place where you are important, your goals are important and your success is important. From our perspective, there’s no other reason to be here?

Tim Irvine,
Totum Life Science

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