Garnet Suidy
Pilates Instructor / Personal Trainer

Garnet Suidy is a certified Pilates Mat instructor and Integrated Movement Therapies Practitioner. Originally a competitive figure skater, Garnet has incorporated his experiences with many different styles of movement with the principles of Pilates to create his own unique style. With energy, passion, patience and attention to detail, he provides an enjoyable and educational experience that resonates with clients in and out of the studio.

Garnet has travelled extensively across the globe working with various coaches and professionals in many different fields including Pilates, skating, strength and conditioning, dance, acrobatics, and performing arts. Clients of all backgrounds and levels of training find his teaching style easy to understand and his workouts challenging and fun. His diverse experiences give him the ability to communicate clearly and relate to clients on a professional yet personal level.

  • Second Wind Pilates Plus Mat and Integrated Movement Therapies
  • Canfitpro CPT
  • NCCP Level 1
  • Bachelor of Arts, International Relations
  • Certified in Postural Muscle Assessment and Stretching