personal training


Totum has been providing Personal Training services for over 20 years. We differentiate ourselves through

– exceptional professionalism

– exceptional service

– exceptional knowledge

We choose to be leaders by setting standards, not following. Our team of Trainers collectively have hundreds of years of experience and nearly as much educational knowledge. As a group we possess Doctorates, Masters degrees, the most advanced certifications our industry has available as well as professional sport backgrounds. All of this within a collaborative, team oriented and positive environment designed around you the client.

How do you get what you want?

Our goal with each client is to help define clear, objective goals so that success can be measured and achieved.  Totum has defined a structure called our Personal Training Protocol (PTP) to ensure programming is working towards something, and that clients can clearly see how the work they are doing is paying off.  In other words, there needs to be value to the process and that’s what we are committing to delivering.

The PTP will follow this structure:

1.  Initial Functional or Comprehensive assessment (new clients)

2.  Consultation and goal setting session with an individually selected Trainer

3. Exercise specific assessment depending on the goals of the client.  (The assessment in the initial phase may suffice if there are no additional specific goals)

4. Development and execution of a Training plan

5. Re-testing as the plan moves forward in order to track progress and achieve results.

All of the results of the initial test will be captured by your Trainer.

We believe this really is one of the best, if not the best, value propositions related to fitness and wellness in Canada.

What Direction will you take?
Each client who starts with us will benefit from one of our two assessments:

1.  Functional Fitness Assessment

Along with some base line measures of fitness such as strength, mobility and cardiovascular, we need to understand how your body moves and if there are imbalances that need to be addressed.  This is the quality of how you move and without a clear understanding of where a person’s imbalances lie, you are at risk of developing an injury if you participate in an exercise that you shouldn’t.  Reducing these imbalances through a proper approach to your training will keep injury risk low and the quality of your training high.

2.  Comprehensive Fitness Assessment

Our comprehensive Assessment includes the Functional Assessment described above, a body composition analysis using our bod pod and a nutrition assessment.  If weight loss or body transformation is part of your reason for starting with a Personal Trainer, these two additional assessments are essential to do it right and have complete success.  An real life example of a client who has gone through this process can be read about in this client success story.


Variety of Services and Specializations

We are proud to say that our Training team really is exceptional.  The great thing about the individuals in our group is that they all have passions that take them in unique directions as they specialize in different areas throughout their careers.  This allows us to provide a wide variety of exceptional services under one roof.  Some of these include:

• Cardiovascular Training

• Strength Training

• Flexibility Training featuring Fascial Stretching

• Pilates

• Pfilates (Pelvic floor strengthening and control)

• Golf Rehabilitation and Fitness

• Sport-Specific Training

• Boxing

• Posture-Enhancement Training

• Weight Management Training

• Seniors Fitness

• Pregnancy and Postnatal Fitness

• Youth Fitness Programs

• Running Training

• Triathlon Training

• Yoga

• Semi-Private Training


For more information about personal training, please contact Jason Ingram (at King St.) or Scott Rankin (at Rosedale).