totum approach to health and therapy
At Totum we use a team-oriented approach with our rehabilitation and fitness professionals. Our belief is that a multidisciplinary approach to a patient’s wellness will produce optimal results. Our approach is not typical, as we provide extended treatment times, one-on-one visits and multiple treatment modalities. As many patients of our clinics have commented, our science-based, one-on-one approach sets the environment for rapid healing. Services and modalites we offer include:
Physiotherapy • Chiropractic • Registered Massage Therapy • Active Release Techniques (ART) • Naturopathy • Holistic Nutrition • Acupuncture
The combination of service, teamwork and modalities has helped to make Totum one of the pre-eminent rehabilitation groups in Toronto
Post-Surgery Rehabilitation • Sports Rehabilitation • Seniors Rehabilitation • Pilates • Dance Rehabilitation • Ergonomic Consultation • Golf Rehabilitation
You do not need a doctor’s referral to schedule a consultation with our health services team.