Introducing the BOD POD

Want to start your weight loss or muscle building program the right way? Want to position yourself for success in these same goals? The best way to achieve success on these specific goals is to do as follows:

- Create a specific and realistic goal
– Be accountable to the goal and the process
– Measure at the start and finish so you know how you have done

It’s that simple.

We strongly recommend The Bod Pod as an efficient, technologically advanced ally in determining a clear and specific start point from which you can work towards a specific end point. The great thing about the Bod Pod is it gives you information on fat loss (the weight you really want to lose) as well as muscle mass.

We have seen the efforts of many create success around a weight loss goal only to find out that part of that loss has been muscle mass. That’s the stuff you want to keep. It makes you healthier, stronger, more fit and elicits those positive comments you don’t mind hearing.

If you know the Bod Pod is for you, scroll to the bottom of this page to request your appointment or call us at 416.928.2108 to talk with a professional to plan how to incorporate this information.  Otherwise, learn more below.

What is the BOD POD?

The BOD POD is a very unique tool used to measure body composition, namely muscle mass and body fat.

Why do I need to know my body composition?

Muscle mass is an important indicator of overall health and lifestyle capability. Generally speaking, the more muscle mass you have the better your health and the more capable you are of doing the types of things that are important to you. These include recreational pursuits but also activities of daily living such as climbing stairs, lifting items and generally being active. This is especially important from your mid 40’s when typically muscle mass declines more rapidly, thereby having a negative impact on mobility. In short, losing muscle mass makes people old prematurely.

Additionally, if you have started exercising, you can’t rely solely on your bathroom scale to gauge the real results of your diet and exercise program. The scale can not tell the difference between fat and muscle.

When an accurate method of body composition is used, such as the BOD POD, it tells the real story. Many people can be the same height and weight, however range from very lean to dangerously over-fat. It all relates to how much of your body weight muscle is.

How accurate is the BOD POD?

Research studies as major universities established the outstanding accuracy, safety, and speed of the BOD POD. Before the BOD POD, the most accepted method was underwater weighing (the “dunk tank”).

When comparing the two methods, the BOD POD and underwater weighing often produce identical results.

Many top scientists consider the BOD POD to be even more accurate than underwater weighing because testing with the BOD POD is so easy.

This method is fast, accurate, non-invasive, comfortable and effective for people of all ages and sizes.

What’s the best way to lose excess body fat?

The most effective way to shed excess fat is to combine a sensible exercise with healthy dietary choices. Research shows this to be the most successful approach in the long run. Keep in mind that each pound of fat has a caloric value of 3,500 calories. If you combine 250 calories worth of exercise each day, along with reducing your food intake by 250 calories, this will add up to a 500 calorie-per-day deficit. Over seven days, you would lose a pound of fat.

How do I increase my lean muscle mass?

The best way to increase muscle is through resistance training. Healthy and vigorous muscles are consistent with good health, as muscles support the activity of the body and burn calories.

How to prepare for your visit to the BOD POD:

Your visit to the BOD POD requires a simple preparation for the most accurate results. This is especially important to those closely monitoring the changes in their body.

  • The measurements are taken in a swimsuit.
  • For women and men with long hair, a swimmers cap is worn.
  • Refrain from eating about 3 hours before your visit.
  • Wait at least one hour after you worked out.
  • When scheduling subsequent visits, make sure they are under the same conditions as previous (i.e time of day, hydration levels, etc.)
  • For the initial visit: prepare 30 minutes, subsequent visits are 15 minutes.

To request your Bod Pod assessment, follow these steps:

1.  Please fill out the fields below.

2.  Input ‘Bod Pod’ Assessment in the Primary Goal Field and ‘Personal Training’ in the service field.

3.  Then press the ‘Get Me Fit’ button.

* Note:  All Bod Pod assessments are performed at our Totum Performance location at 1073 Yonge St.