Belmonte Raw Juices by Tim Irvine, M.Sc.


Juices: Refresh       Juices: Detox     Juices: Immune Tonic

We are very happy to announce that Belmonte Raw Juices are now available at our Roxborough location in Rosedale. For those of you who are unaware, Belmonte is the leader in Toronto on the juicing front, having been rapidly growing their business over the past five years. Their products are Organic and soon to be 100% cold pressed to maximize the nutrient content and shelf life. Their juices are thoughtfully designed to refresh, revitalize, nourish and energize. In delicious flavour combinations like Harmony (carrot, lemon and ginger), Strength (grapefruit and spirulina), and Chocolate Bliss (cashew, cacao, vanilla and Himalayan salt), there’s something that will appeal everyone. Each blend is geared towards a different aspect of health, tailored to your needs whether you’re looking to detox, improve your cardiovascular health, or simply get a boost of vitamins and minerals. The line is made from only the best ingredients, making them a great add-on to a nutrition plan, or a healthy supplement to your diet.

If you are a King St. member and would like to see these products offered at our King location, please email Erica Jensen at to let her know.

Saxx – A Colorful Introduction

If you’re reading this and don’t have a clue what a Saxx is, click HERE for a humorous way to learn some details.  If you already know, then were happy to let you know we’ve gone ahead and ordered a whole bunch of colors to brighten your….well, you know.  It turns out, not only do you boys like your boys comfy, you also like them in color!  Who knew?  Anyway, here’s a sampling of what you can get at any of our locations.

Custom and Non-Custom Knee Braces by Dr. Andrew Sulkowski, Chiropractor

At Totum, our goal is to strengthen your  hips and core, and improve balance enough so that you don’t require these types of devices or orthotics. There are times, however, when these types of devices can help give you the confidence in your knee to participate in the skiing, running, hiking, or racquet sports that has eluded you. In fact, if a serious injury occurs, they may be necessary for participation

When you are investigating bracing options, it’s important to understand there are differences between providers when fitting you with a custom knee brace. We choose between Ossur, Donjoy and Bledsoe braces and each have slight differences in size, weight, stabilizing style and unloading style, allowing the practitioner and patient some selection in finding the best fit.  These types of braces require a professional to ensure proper fit and function so be sure to work with someone you are comfortable with.

Most insurance plans cover the cost of bracing with a surgeon’s referral. If you are looking for more information to find out if a knee brace is right for you, contact Totum to set up an appointment with a practitioner. (,,,



Beretta Farms Protein Puck by Tim Irvine, M.Sc.

Here’s a snack you can really sink your teeth into.  Why have we chosen this as this month’s product?  Quality and quantity are the two big reasons. Beretta is a GTA company that produces products that are organic, grass fed, gluten free and yummy!  They are also amazing people with a great story that I can really relate to.

The Protein Puck is dear to me because I like to work hard and burn a lot of calories.  I also have a high metabolism and consequently need a lot of GOOD calories to keep my energy and weight up.

This 90gm snack packs 360 calories in with 22gm of fat, 48gms of carbohydrates and 8gms of protein.  Some of you may be a bit worried about the calories and fat, but there is no need for concern unless you have a diet that is already high in fat.  Fat is not your enemy (unless it is bad fat) and it’s important to remember approximately a third of your diet should come from it.

The all natural, organic ingredients include oats, spelt flour, pumpkin seeds,dark chocolate, raisins, shredded coconut and coconut oil, cane sugar and molasses, sunflower seeds, whole milk and flax seeds.

When I am snacking on one of these, I eat the whole thing and I am literally set for two hours afterwards.  The mix of ingredients is slow digesting, tasty, filling and a good nutritional mix.  If the calories of an entire puck are to much for you in one sitting, you can split this snack into two and you’ll have two days worth of a great tasting bit of fuel to get you through.  I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this every day unless you are working hard for 90 minutes during your workout.  A few times a week is lots and as you know, proper variety in your nutrition helps to cover all the bases.

If you are interested in this product but you’re not sure it fits into your dietary profile, check with your nutritionist to see if it is appropriate for you.  If you don’t have one, we have a great team of nutrition folks here at Totum.



Saxx Underwear: Man’s Best Friend by Tim Irvine, Totum President, Co-founder & Personal Trainer

I know, it might seem a bit strange writing about men’s underwear, but sometimes you just have to get the word out about things you are passionate about.

I’ve been a 100% convert to these underwear for about a year now.  My whole supply from day use to sport use is Saxx.  And you know what?  If someone gave me a pair as a present I’d still be happy.

So what’s the big deal?  Well, in a word…comfort!  If you’re a guy you know that bad underwear can bug you for most of the day when you wear them.  It’s is reported that Napoleon was wearing bad underwear at Waterloo and conversely Churchill was always in comfy undies.  I’m only a history minor but have no reason to believe this is not true.

The comfort comes from the type of fabric that is used as well as the little pouch on the inside.  Comfy, cozy and controlled.

Yes, these are for men, but ladies, those important men in your life will be thankful to you for a long time if you treat them to a pair.

Keep in mind these generally fit a size down, so if you normally take a large, choose a medium instead.

These come in multiple styles and colors and if you’d like to learn a bit more about them go to the Saxx site to check them out.



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